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Who are the people behind Happy Gardens?

Gordon McNeilly - Owner and Designer

Gordon’s passion is helping people whether it is by gardening, fitness instructing, motivational speaking, or volunteering. His reward is making the world a little brighter and more beautiful.

Gordon’s esthetic sense of what “looks good” takes away the clutter, the weeds, and leaves a clean, inviting, and peaceful space where you can entertain friends and family easily and proudly or sit quietly with a cup of tea and relax.

Donna MacDonald - Project Manager 

Donna’s extensive experience in project management, planning, and collaborating brings focus and team management to Happy Gardens. 

Donna ensures that projects are on time and on budget, and, when necessary, supports Gordon and the crew with a strong arm. 

Project Team

Happy Gardens’ landscaping team is growing. Talk with them about your project anytime. We work together to provide the best services and the best happy gardens. 


Happy Gardens provides the services to ensure that your home and its surroundings are attractive and welcoming, which will increase your property value and provide a relaxing space for you to enjoy.

Happy Gardens specializes in updating gardens, designing a modern look, and ensuring that you are satisfied – and happy – with your finished garden. 


Happy Gardens will take care of your garden worries and provide you with a creative design that will also be low maintenance.


Happy Gardens provides a free quote including a menu of costs associated with each section to be transformed.

  • Landscaping design
  • Garden maintenance
  • Grass cutting and lawn servicing
  • Garden edging, mulching, trimming, planting and transplanting
  • Small retaining walls
  • Walkway and patio design

With careful pruning, weeding, and spacing, Happy Gardens makes the simplest plants come alive, which provides a natural and attractive complement to your home.

Happy Gardens will work with passion and a keen eye to create a balanced and clean space incorporating a variety of handsome plants, which require little maintenance and will provide lasting beauty. 

This – and some special Happy Gardens’ dust - will enhance the appeal of your home, and help you enjoy your gardens again.

Did You Know that...

  • Landscaping can improve the value of your property by 10%?

  • Plants grow and thrive better with good quality soil and the perfect amount of sunshine?

  • A few small changes can make a big difference?

Do you need help?

Happy Gardens will consult with you about your ideas and your budget. The process of changing your garden is a personal one and Happy Gardens understands that your happiness is the top priority. 

Your pace is Happy Gardens’ pace, that is, until it comes time to implement the changes. Then, Happy Gardens is a whirlwind of energy. 


Call Gordon at Happy Gardens - 902-940-3231 - or email happygardensinc @ he will do his best to visit you within 48 hours to chat about your requirements and timelines. 

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